Amador Wine Tours

We offer custom private Wine Tasting Tours in Amador County’s beautiful Shenandoah Valley Wine Region.

Amador Wine Country is located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Foothills. We call it “The Heart of the Mother Lode” because of the gold rush that made this area famous in the 1800’s.

Amador County has been the home to superior Zinfandel Wine for over a century. Zinfandel came to Amador County in the wagons of Italian immigrants during the California Gold Rush.  After the Gold Rush Amador’s population numbers collapsed and many of Amador’s Zinfandel vineyards were replaced with prune and walnut orchards. Luckily, there was enough demand for Zinfandel Wine that some of the original vineyards remain today.

Enjoy a wine tasting adventure with breathtaking mountain views, historic destinations, spectacular tasting rooms and great wines!

With many positive critical reviews in major food and wine publications nationwide Shenandoah Valley wines have become sought after products in fine restaurants and wine shops from coast to coast and internationally as the awards continue to accumulate!

A tour of the Shenandoah Valley’s wineries offers a special experience, with stunning rural scenery and of course award winning wines.

Our typical wine tasting tour package is priced at $350. This price includes 4 hours of transportation for up to 14 guests. However, if you plan on purchasing wine please know with 14 there is no room for storage. Just FYI.
We charge an hourly rate per vehicle, not per person.
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